The phrase “Specialty coffee” refers to coffee scored above a 80 points on a scale of 100 points from based on a CQI Cupping standards.

Indonesian specialty arabica green coffee and robusta, sourced from our long-term producing partners.  You may head to our product page or email us for further information about our coffee.

The harvest season for specialty coffee from Java island comes in April to August. While the main harvest season for specialty coffee from Sumatra and Sulawesi comes in October to December. However, there are also late harvest periods for Sumatra and Sulawesi specialty coffee which last from April to June. 

Yes, the minimum purchase is 1 bag of 30 kilograms of specialty coffee. Also available in smaller quantities for specific micro-lot. Hence, home roasters or micro-roasters have nothing to worry about, as you may still purchase our coffee starting from 3kg.

Our warehouse is located in central Germany. 

We ship across Europe.

28 days from Port of Tanjung Priok to the Port of Hamburg.

Absolutely. Please reach us via email for a sample request of green (100gr) or roasted (45gr) samples.