Miracles happen at their origin. The bees spread pollen, it rains, and then flowering begins. A little patience, Each origin has a unique set of parameters that shape the flavors in our cups. In this knowledge center, you can learn more about the origins of our premier coffee.

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Derived from a socio-cultural philosophical of Batak terms; Hula-hula, Boru and Dongan Tubu, which means a wife, a mother and friends respectively. This particular village lies within Lintong Nihuta, a village surrounds by thousands lakes at 1500 meters above sea level.
In the quest of finding this amazing coffee, Klasik Beans travelled to and from Lintong for 6 years, live in Lintong blend in with the culture. When Klasik beans began to move in, there were no brothers or sisters in the same Ethnicity, but it truly shows that regardless of being the minority in the village they welcome and embrance you like their own family.

Figure 1. Pak Eko Purnomowidi , Klasik Beans

Figure 2. Pak Eko and Local Batak native coffee farmer

“Horas Inang” as how they chant it, means “great wishes to mothers”, that’s how much women plays a huge role in coffee. One time, Pak Eko asked a fellow woman farmer “what does it take to be a prosperous coffee farmer?, and she said “I’am not concerned with I don’t have/possessed (materialistic), as long as we are grateful with what we have and we take care of our surrounding, then the nature itself will protect and suffice you.